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Rhya Kimbrii

Rhya Kimbrii is the formal name for Relance's sun.

Name History & Meaning

Rhya Kimbrii is the name given by the Gods themselves, supposedly at the beginning of the world. Since then its denotation and pronunciation have remained consistent throughout history and across all cultures, with only minimal variation. This owes to the fact that it is one of the few terms spoken frequently by the Gods themselves in the Divine Locution, such that its utterance does not vary depending on the language of those who perceive it.

As such, the meaning of “Rhya Kimbrii”—as best the Kindred can fathom it—is taken to be fundamental, literally meaning “the Sun.” However, cultures have always managed to infer further meaning. In Bakkar Gvar the chosen interpretation is the fairly straightforward “First and Last Benediction of the Gods.” In Talismete they think of it as “The Master.” In Toloeia it is taken to mean “Shadow of the Sway.” In Soda Fountain it means simply “Sacred Freedom,” while in Davoranj it means roughly the opposite: “Sacred Fate.” But most impressively of all, Tanziban scholars of Yli over thousands of years have attempted to discern a precise interpretation, the contemporary result of which is “The Royally Divine Impregnable Sky Fortress of Unlimited Luminance and Radiance, Power of the Day, Wisdom of the Seasons, Engine of Logic and Order, Matrimonial Covenant of the Gods, Lauded Lieutenant and Emissary of Te Illaruívnior.”

Close examination between these various interpretations frequently yields related patterns of logic. For example, Talismete's interpretation is arguably a less precise, more practical version of Tanzibay's.

Derivative Terms

Due to its physical presence, Rhya Kimbrii has major connotations of power, royalty, and inexorability. And as an ancient, fundamental term, there has been plenty of time for variation to occur. Thus, the name “Rhya Kimbrii” has long given rise to a small garden of derivative vocabulary in many different languages.

In particular, the word Rhya, which is simply a literal appropriation of the first word of Rhya Kimbrii, denotes divine power, or power of the purest and highest order. This term appears in many languages, ancient and modern alike, particularly in regions such as Panathar and Tanzibay that have enjoyed greater historical persistence.

Likewise, the appropriative derivative word Kimbrii has also accumulated a fairly standard meaning, denoting a vital enclosure. Less etheral than Rhya, but also less consistent in its usage across cultures, the notion of a “vital enclosure” has ranged from home and hearth, to clothing, to fortresses, to the womb itself.

Among ordinary people, the etymological arc of “Rhya Kimbrii” is frequently reversed. That is to say, the general assumption is that the sun's name derives from the preexisting terms Rhya and Kimbrii, when in fact it is the other way around.

In parts of the Middemesne it is said that Keres, one of the most popular epithets for the Goddess Sulvajos, is an antithetical corruption of “Rhya Kimbrii,” and for lack of decisive historical evidence this may well be true.

Usage & Epithets

As an instance of Yli, the words Rhya Kimbrii are often assigned holy weight in societies, and in some places it is not always appropriate or permissible to speak them. In Davoranj, peasants may not speak the name except during prayer or in other special circumstances. In Tokair the taboo is an outright proscription, punishable by death if spoken without royal sanction. In yet other lands, like Gala, the taboo is weak or even nonexistent.

Owing to its sacred status in many societies, as well as to its spoken and written length, there are several common epithets—which in The Curious Tale are ordinarily translated simply as “sun.”

Exceptions do occur, such as with the Medity Coast epithet Allony, which literally means “The Other” but is short for “The Other Kin” and effectively connotes a lost brother or sister (or other beloved peer) who is distant and strange but never forgotten. The peoples of the Medity Coast almost always refer to the sun as “Allony.” This ties into the region's animistic culture, which also echoes into the Upperlands, as a way of connecting the people to their world.

Physical Characteristics

[NOTE: As Imperial astronomy is by far the most advanced on Relance, the information in this section is given according to Imperial understanding. However, all values are given in tellurian units. Note that the information given here is fallible. Having said that, you should assume that most values are essentially correct.]

Spectral Type: K0 V
Wavelength Peak: 605 nm (yellowish orange)
Surface Temperature: 5,272 K
Mass: 1.4320224 x 10^30 kg
Diameter: 1,126,710 km
Density: 1.908 g/cm^3
Metallicity: Low
Luminosity: 1.750 x 10^26 watts
Surface Radiated Power Density: 43,792,698 W/m^2

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