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The Curious Score, broadly speaking, is music within the Curious Tale canon (unless stated otherwise), part of a multimedia conceptualization of Relance and its stories.

Curious Tale music is generally event-based, meaning it represents a specific event in the story. Occasionally it is object-based, meaning it represents a character or some other object, such as a country.

I am trying to publish pieces at least a few times a year. I hope you enjoy it! Feedback, questions, and requests are always welcome.

List of Music

The Curious Score No. 5
June 3, 2017
"There Was No One Else at the Reins"

This is a theme for Grieve Black, representing his weary persistence and tenacity against a neverending stream of misfortunes. Read More

The Curious Score No. 4
February 20, 2016
"The Old Stamp"

This theme is cinematographic in nature; I envision it playing over a movie montage, where various characters independently realize that they are going to have to become the change in the world that they want to see. This piece is not (presently) rated canonical, and will probably be revised in the future. Read More

The Curious Score No. 3
May 4, 2015
"Don't Inherit Your Father's Folly"

One night Silence appears before Esmeul, daughter of the dead Hero and a leader in the Resistance. This is the music accompanying their conversation as they walk through the castle gardens. Read More

The Curious Score No. 2
September 1, 2014
"Merakibate Gesh Medley"

A medley for Mate of Song, the musical story of the fateful first altercation between Afiach Bard and the mysterious Chronus Ill Thanatos. Read More

The Curious Score No. 1
August 4, 2014
"The Village of Ieik"

The theme for Galavar's home village of Ieik, the village of the chosen people of Sourros, God of Logic and Wisdom. Composed for The Great Galavar. Read More

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