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Or, if you'd prefer, mosey on over to YouTube and learn about cheesecake, one of history's greatest philosophies for life and love alike.

And, if you do, take a moment, perhaps, to reflect on the legacy of such wonderful music. It's such a fun little nonsense song, but those days in America weren't as simple or romantic as the song implies—not by a long shot—and, to me, that's what makes a genre like jazz so powerful. Born amid great pain and suffering, but not from those things, jazz is a testament to humanity's resilience. Maybe someday we'll all be wise enough to be able to sit around and get fat on cheesecake in a great egalitarian, humanistic peace.

But, until then, there is still jazz.

Why am I talking about jazz on a page like this? Just to give you an incidental taste of what worldbuilding means to me. When I think of the word jazz, a whole era of history and culture flashes in my imagination. All by itself, that single word tells a story bigger than the longest books.

In a fictional world, however, these ready-made symbols aren't available. They don't exist. They have to be created, from scratch, which, whenever I truly wrap my mind around it, is such an audacious conceit that it seems almost sheer folly even to attempt. Yet it is an immensely powerful an opportunity, and that's what's so compelling about it. To create whole cultures, whole societies!, and all the individuals within them.

What an extravagant notion.

O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!