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A collection of stories about dreams, power...
The beauty of the world and the wonder of living and dying.

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The Prelude

The tale begins on the night the Hero falls, the night Galavar and his Guard set out to conquer the world and bend it into something better. Read the Prelude to After The Hero here on the site, or buy the e-book!

Weekly Features

Learn about the world of Relance in Encyclopedia Reluria. Get to know the author and his motivations a little better with Curious Tale Saturdays. These and more each week in the Features!

Patreon & Social Media

I love these stories and love to discuss them with fans. I also love, or would love, to be able to earn a full living from my work. If you enjoy my work, come make some noise on social media, and check me out on Patreon.

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O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!