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There's a lot that goes into storytelling, certainly for me. The Regular Features give you something interesting to look at until I finish the next book. But, more than that, they're also a way for me to share more of this thing I loveā€”the world, the characters, the plots, and the inspirations and deliberations behind the scenes. Relance isn't just the setting; it's my honest effort to visualize an entire world. There's so much that just won't fit into the books. If you like the sound of that, you're in the right place.

Here are the features currently active:

Curious Tale Saturdays
My flagship feature, this column consists of me picking any topic under the sun that relates to The Curious Tale, thus making it open-ended and very enjoyable to write. As it can vary wildly from week to week, it's probably also my most popular feature!

Wiki Wednesdays
Each week I will report on the additions I have made to Encyclopedia Reluria as a part of The Relance Project. Worldbuilding is at the heart of my mission, and this is basically an outlet for me to write endless short stories in the comfort of an encyclopedic format. Each week there will be at least one new entry, and often there will be more. Encyclopedia Reluria is closed indefinitely to outside contributors, but if this is something that interests you, start brushing up on your Relance lore and maybe one day I will take you on as a contributor to The Relance Project.

The Great Galavar
NOTE! This feature will resume a little later in 2017.
This is the origin story of Galavar, one of the main characters in The Curious Tale. It is one of the Interludes, a series of smaller stories that supplement After The Hero, the main work of The Curious Tale. The Great Galavar is presented here in a serial format, like the original ATH RPG back in 1999, with a new episode each week during the season.


These features are not part of the weekly schedule, but I hope to update them from time to time.

Empire on Ice
This feature takes the form of a scripted comedy set in a parallel world where the characters from The Curious Tale are real people who live in the Joshalonian Empire, ruled by yours truly. I love this series because The Curious Tale places certain tonal restrictions on the depiction of characters and events, and Empire on Ice really lets me showcase another side to Silence, Galavar, and all the rest.

The Curious Score
I am only an amateur, but I do love composing music. Much of what I compose is themed for The Curious Tale.

Lore: The Regular Features were born in the summer of 2014 out of my desire to celebrate my personal Year of 32. Thirty-two is a special age to me because it is Silence's age (in Terran years) at the beginning of After The Hero. So, to celebrate being 32 years old, I launched many different creative projects, one of which was a spate of weekly features to offer my readers greater insights into the world of Relance, and simply to further my own, personal enjoyment.

O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!