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The Curious Tale is a collection of stories about journeys of persuasion, and acts of wild creation, all told with an aggressive love of language that doesn’t make for the easiest reading but which rewards those who have a strong imagination, people who cherish the will to become all they can be, and strongly desire, when they die, to leave the world a better place than they found it.

It’s a story about the nature of power, and the wonder of living and dying. It is a romance in the old sense—with marvels, pageantry, pomp, and incredible adventures, set in the lush world of Relance where the scenery is as important as the characters. It is a folk song masquerading as an epic fantasy, with a loving and bittersweet focus on momentous events both great and small, and the rich world that surrounds them. And, ultimately, it is a story about the end of that world.

Structurally, The Curious Tale has a central story called After The Hero (ATH), which tells the tale of the Galan Conquest, Galavar's gambit to conquer Relance. ATH will be divided into several books. The epic sweep of the story lends itself to a large ensemble cast, with hundreds of important characters and dozens of major subplot lines intertwining with the master plot, though there is also a particularly strong focus on Silence and her plotlines.

Accompanying ATH are the "Ludes": the Prelude at the front end of the ATH chronology, and the Interludes interspersing ATH, such as The Great Galavar and Mate of Song, which are tangents that take a much closer look at specific characters or events. Together with Encyclopedia Reluria and the Lexicon, these works form the canonical core of The Curious Tale.

Beyond that are supplementary works like Curious Tale Saturdays, which are not strictly canonical but usually do supply canonical information, and lighthearted works like Empire on Ice, which have their own, alternate canon.

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