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Galavar. The stranger in black armor, who arose from the desert to wage a war of conquest against the entire world.

That is what Galavar would become in the time of After The Hero. But his journey began much earlier in life, when he was still a young mate in the far-flung Village of Sourros, beyond the mountains that traditionally marked the edge of the world.

The Great Galavar tells the origin story of this momentous figure. It shows us who he really is, and how he matures to become the Galavar of After The Hero. It is the tale of how his youthful ambition evolves into the Galance Ideal, and how he gathers around him the great luminaries of his generation, who together forge one of the most audacious plots in history: to start from nothing, and someday bring all of Relance under the Galan sway.

It all begins on Dawn's Eve, the day before the holiest day of the year, when the Voice of Sourros—who some say is the greatest of the Gods—rises above the village of his people and issues a curious command. And though it isn't certain, he appears to address Galavar in particular.

Despite the apparent divine interest taken in him, Galavar is a mate of self-reliance and exceptional cunning. He isn't content to be led by the nose into prophecy. He lives according to his own convictions, and as he passes the cusp from adolescence to adulthood he builds for himself a life based upon his ideals. And so, whether or not his actions are affirmations of God's will, is Galavar himself, and no other, who shapes his life.

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