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The Great Galavar is currently on hiatus but will return later in 2017!

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Section I

Just Galavar

Season 2 (2015 – Present)

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Summary of the episode.

Season 1 (2014 – 2015)

The Royal Blue Bloom

Episode 42    |    June 30, 2015

Galavar gives up his annual walking tour of Ieik in order to attend the public hearings, but he still has his flower-cutting ceremony, and plans to do a partial tour with most of his closest friends.

Galabear, Part 3

Episode 41    |    June 15, 2015

Galavar gives a birthday speech to his friends, but it doesn't go over as well as he'd hoped. He realizes his speechwriting has a long way to go, and he hopes he doesn't perform badly at the public hearings later that day.

Galabear, Part 2

Episode 40    |    June 11, 2015

Galavar meets with some of his friends for a special birthday breakfast.

Galabear, Part 1

Episode 39    |    June 2, 2015

Galavar wakes up on his birthday and finds two gorgeous presents.

A Teacher, Not an Ally

Episode 38    |    May 28, 2015

Galavar discusses the referendum with his philosophy teacher, Koro. He expects her to be his ally and help him to make a speech at the upcoming public hearings, but instead she criticizes his thinking and tells him that what he needs from her is not an ally but a teacher.

Four Out of Ten

Episode 37    |    May 21, 2015

Over lunch on a rare cloudy day, Galavar and Boon discuss the plight of Jahvoy. Galavar wants him to be retained at the forthcoming referendum, and is upset that the people of Ieik might nonetheless relieve him. Boon, while not especially supportive of Galavar's position, gives him the idea of engaging in some civic service to help bolster Jahvoy's cause.


Episode 36    |    May 11, 2015

Galavar walks in the beautiful morning twilight of his harsh homeland.

Could It Be Our Lives Are Perfect?

Episode 35    |    May 3, 2015

Javelin visits Galavar in his dormitory, where she asks him how his special project is going.

The Shoemaker's Adversary

Episode 34    |    April 30, 2015

Galavar attends a lecture from one of his new teachers, Philologer Tarsel, who will teach high-level language, literature, and grammar.


Episode 33    |    April 6, 2015

Jahvoy gives Galavar and Ornithate some counsel on their special project.

To the High Scrivenery

Episode 32    |    March 24, 2015

Galavar and Ornithate travel to the High Scrivenery, seat of the administration of Ieik, in response to a summons by the River of Ignorance, Jahvoy.

Sulvajos Speaks

Episode 31    |    March 15, 2015

As Galavar and Miatysacis continue their dispute, the Goddess Sulvajos—mortal enemy of the God Sourros—strikes at his heart: the Village of Ieik.

The Letters on the Wall (A Short)

Episode 30    |    March 12, 2015

Galavar and Miatysacis discuss a poem hanging on the Healer's wall.

In the Healer's Care

Episode 29    |    February 24, 2015

The Healer doesn't know what to make of Boon's condition, and keeps him around for observation. While Galavar and the others hang out, Galavar wonders whether he and Ornithate still have their special project that the River had assigned them the night before. And he wonders what will become of the River, whom he has come to like—especially since their conversation the night before. He also continues his low-key debate with Miatysacis about the merits of the River's decision.


Episode 28    |    February 18, 2015

Galavar and Miatysacis quibble over whether the River had been right to strike the bell, with Galavar arguing that the tragedy of three deaths was a consequence of exploring the unknown. Later, Galavar learns that he and at least one other person—the bodybuilder Nightlight, who had beat him at the Summer Spring Relay the evening before—had a special version of the forbidden vision. As their conversation continues, Boon appears particularly ill from the experience, and they decide to take him to the Healer.

Jahvoy's Misdeed

Episode 27    |    February 1, 2015

Back in the here and now, Galavar, his friends, and everyone else are deeply disturbed by the forbidden version—which they all apparently shared in common. Then it is discovered that three people actually died from the experience. The River explains his decision to strike the bell, apologizes for what has happened, and calls for a referendum to decide whether he will remain the River.

The Forbidden Memory

Episode 26    |    January 25, 2015

At the forbidden striking of the bell, Galavar has a different vision.

Recollections, Part 2

Episode 25    |    January 19, 2015

After an attack by gangsters, Ilib promotes and releases Testasian from her apprenticeship to him. Then, as the memory ends, Galavar only briefly returns to the present day, for the River does something unprecedented next, and forbidden: He strikes the bell Ar Nindar a second time on the same day.

Recollections, Part 1

Episode 24    |    January 16, 2015

Each year for the Service of Recollections, the River of Ignorance strikes the mighty and ancient bell Ar Nindar, and the bell gives each member of the assembly a unique first-person memory from someone who lived in the past. Galavar takes on the perspective of Testasian, walking with her mentor Ilib in a sprawling park in the middle of an ancient city.

Recitations, Part 2

Episode 23    |    January 9, 2015

The next lecture is more of a personal anecdote, given by a friend and mentor of Agram.

Recitations, Part 1

Episode 22    |    December 21, 2014

The Service of Recitations, on the Day of the Dawn, is about understanding and accepting the importance of never destroying the world again. Each lector—and the lectors are different each year—explains their personal journey of coming to understand that. This episode offers a philosophical lecture about the mature personality and its relationship to Illumination. It is…a bit challenging to read. =]

The Farin Apriceway

Episode 21    |    December 14, 2014

Galavar and his friends travel along the majestic Farin Apriceway on their way to services.

Self-Determination Is Your Heritage

Episode 20    |    December 9, 2014

Galavar and his friends talk about Ieikili philosophy as they walk to the Day of the Dawn morning services.

Four Friends

Episode 19    |    December 4, 2014

Galavar and Miatysacis join the other half of their best-friend foursome, Boon and Agram, for a ritual breakfast.

A Day of Histories

Episode 18    |    November 25, 2014

Galavar descends to the main Academy building, where he finds the refectory and the central kitchen. The older students are making a special soup for the Day of the Dawn. He joins one of his closest friends, Miatysacis, in helping them.

Morning Rituals

Episode 17    |    November 11, 2014

Galavar awakes the next morning, on the Day of the Dawn, and reflects on the events of the past evening. We see his own personal room in the Academy Tower of Dormitories, as well as the impressive baths on that floor.

The Fateful Well

Episode 16    |    November 2, 2014

Galavar confides his own deep ambition to Javelin. His desire for greatness is taboo in Ieik, even if his reasons are noble, and she is the first one he's ever really told. Later they arrive at the Fateful Well, to see if Sourros will speak again, but he doesn't.


Episode 15    |    October 26, 2014

Beneath the fireworks, Javelin pours out her ambitions to Galavar. This day is the peak of her life, and she asks him to become her mate. He admires her, but declines, because he doesn't feel ready for it…and because his own dreams seem much bigger, though hazy they are.

The Feast of Feats, Part 4

Episode 14    |    October 19, 2014

Back amid the festivities, Ornithate is more self-absorbed than considerate, and it occurs to Galavar that she simply isn't interested in him as a friend. He sends her off to hear the concerts she so desperately wants to hear, and returns to the Athletes' Tables to tell his fellows how it went with the River. When he arrives everyone else has already left for other activities at the feast—all but Javelin.

An Interview with Jahvoy, Part 2

Episode 13    |    October 13, 2014

The River philosophizes about the meaning of Sourros' words with Galavar and Ornithate, then sets them to the special project of determining the next step that Sourros perhaps had in mind for the two of them in particular, while Jahvoy says he will give thought to the ramifications for Ieik as a whole.

Jahvoy's History of the Day of the Dawn

Episode 12    |    October 5, 2014

Jahvoy, leader of Ieik, recounts the history that led to the creation of the Day of the Dawn.

An Interview with Jahvoy, Part 1

Episode 11    |    September 28, 2014

Galavar and Ornithate are summoned to see the River of Ignorance, where they discuss the words of Sourros.

The Feast of Feats, Part 3

Episode 10    |    September 22, 2014

It's revelry and high merriment at the Feast of Feats, as Galavar and his friends and indeed most of the people of Ieik lose themselves in song and drink.

The Feast of Feats, Part 2

Episode 9    |    September 15, 2014

Galavar and his peers contemplate the meaning of Sourros' declaration.

Sourros Speaks

Episode 8    |    September 7, 2014

In response to a question from Galavar and Orni, the God Sourros himself speaks to all the people of Ieik.

The Feast of Feats, Part 1

Episode 7    |    August 31, 2014

Javelin tries to convince her teammates to carry on Team Javelin in her stead next year. Then Galavar and Ornithate take a walk through the festival grounds.

Dawn's Eve

Episode 6    |    August 24, 2014

Galavar and Javelin stand together in silence, each alone with their thoughts, as they watch the end of the relay. This year's Summer Spring Relay is Galavar's first…and Javelin's last. Will their team win?

The Relay, Part 3

Episode 5    |    August 17, 2015

Galavar faces the showdown of his leg of the Summer Spring Relay.

The Relay, Part 2

Episode 4    |    August 10, 2014

Galavar climbs a mesh net and shows something of his character.

The Relay, Part 1

Episode 3    |    August 3, 2014

Galavar watches two of his teammates complete their legs of the relay, and ponders how to handle his own surprise challenge: carrying a jar of water. Then the baton is passed to him and he's off.


Episode 2    |    July 27, 2014

Each year on Dawn's Eve is a beloved race called the Summer Spring Relay. This year will be Galavar's first. We meet Galavar's teammates: team captain Javelin, the sprinter; the gymnast Asash; and the jogger Ornithate.

The Egg

Episode 1    |    July 20, 2014

In Galavar's adolescence, in his hometown, the Village of Sourros called Ieik, in the high deserts at the edge of the world, Galavar takes a lesson from one of his teachers, Koro. She presents him an egg and asks him what it is. And while he gives a good answer, he knows that his teacher has something else in mind.

* * *



Prologue    |    July 13, 2014

In the present day of After The Hero, Galavar descends into the Depths of Sourros, seat of the God of Logic and Wisdom and the great patron of Gala, where he plans to destroy Sourros and take the God's divine power for himself, so that Gala may truly command its own destiny.

O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!