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Here you'll find a short summary of the story thus far.


The story begins with an ominous prologue: A fully-grown Galavar, in the time of After The Hero, sets forth with two of his Guards to delve into the Depths of Sourros deep beneath Relance.

His plan is to destroy Sourros in the God's own seat of power, so that nevermore will Galavar or his nation of Gala be at the mercy of the divine will that has guided—and manipulated—Galavar for all these years.

Galavar arrives at the depths uncertain as to what will transpire. Does Sourros know the future? The leader of Gala knows full well that he may be walking straight into the God's mercy. Regardless, Galavar's will is set.

Thus the stage is set for the story of how it would all come to this.

Section 1: Just Galavar

On Dawn's Eve at the end of summer, Galavar competes in his first Summer Spring Relay—a contest for students in the Elder School. He bears the flag of Team Javelin, serving as the team's bodybuilder. But for all his efforts he's outclassed and costs Team Javelin first place—a bitter pill for the outgoing team captain, Javelin herself, who has just completed Elder School and is leaving behind the best days of her life to take on the mantle of adulthood.

That evening there is a great feast, a longstanding Ieikili tradition. At the feast, Galavar and one of his fellow teammates, Ornithate, ask the God Sourros a question, and he appears to answer them directly—an unusual and exciting experience. They rush to tell the leader of their village, Jahvoy, what happened, and he tells them to figure out what Sourros' words might mean for them while he'll think about their ramifications for Ieik as a whole.

The next day is the holiest day of the year, the Day of the Dawn. During one of the ceremonies, Jahvoy takes a bold risk: In hopes of fulfilling Sourros' will, Jahvoy strikes the ceremonial bell Ar Nindar not one time, but twice, causing everybody assembled to experience a forbidden, traumatic vision—of which Galavar's version is slightly different from that of nearly everyone else. This kills three Ieikili villagers, and greatly demoralizes the people. Consequently, Jahvoy calls for a referendum on whether he should remain the leader of Ieik.

Just a couple of hours later, the Goddess Sulvajos—the mortal enemy of Sourros—siezes upon the discouragement of the Ieikili people and attacks the village. Sourros apparently drives her away, but several dozen people are killed and fiery nefarus clouds damage many buildings.

Following that awful day, both the referendum and Galavar's birthday loom on the horizon.

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