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Music Pages Updated

This week, it's time for a revamp to the Music section of the site! The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the updates going live on Thursday evening. Now that that long-deferred chore is done, all the music I have previously composed for The Curious Tale is easily accessible, where once it was scattered across this site, my journal, and my personal Facebook page.

There's no new music this week—unless you haven't heard some of the existing pieces yet, in which case they're new to you!—but next weekend there will be a new piece, which is why I finally got around to setting this up.

If you want to go straight to the music archive without reading the rest of this article, hover your mouse over the "Medium Treats" button on the right and select "Music." Or, just click the button, and then use the left-hand navigation menu on the Medium Treats page to go to the Music page. Or click this link. I give you so many options!

Until next week, here's wishing you good vibrations.

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