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Empire on Ice #23: Dress Code (Short)

Editor's Note: This week's Empire on Ice is a Short, specifically a teaser for next week's full-length episode. The episode is already mostly written, but I need more time to work on it, and like I said most of my time is going for the Big December 27 Curious Tale Saturdays Special. So, this is my way of offering you a little something in the meantime. Enjoy letting your imagination run wild!

[The camera opens with a view from above and in front of a beautiful, enormous building, very much like the Greek Parthenon in its aesthetic magnificence, except fully enclosed. The camera zooms downward and in, and we see, chiseled in large stone letters above the entrance, "DRESSING ROOM," and below that, in smaller letters, "Galavar."]

[The camera then pans off the side of the illustrious building, and farther downward, right down to ground level, onto a dumpy little trailer that looks like it's been through a hurricane. The walls are falling off, and everything is dilapidated and bent. On the front, above a door that's half off its hinges, is a star with most of the light bulbs burned out, and inside the star is a generic, government-style font that says "SILANCE." The door opens and Silence emerges, looking optimistic and exuberant.]

Silence: I'm ready for my big scene!

Tune in next week!

O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!